A big thank you to everyone who attended the AGM.
It was the best attendance we’ve ever had and is reflective of the wonderful group of parents we currently have. Your interest, support and willingness to get involved is not only much appreciated but also what is needed to grow the club. Teamwork is not just needed on the ice but also behind the scenes. It's wonderful that our parents willing to look beyond their own child and work for the good of the team/club! What a great example our parents are setting for the girls!

Thanks also to the outgoing committee, Kath Hammond, our outgoing President , Anna May, our outgoing Treasurer and Angela Chen. Heartfelt thanks for all you have done behind the scenes to not only run but build our club in the past year… or in Anna’s case years!
Thanks also to Carly Edwards and Shiralee Poed, who had stepped down from the committee during the year for various reasons, but who had made great contributions in the time they served on the committee.

The new committee was elected unopposed and we welcome :
President: Caroline Tudor

Vice President: Karen Dukes
Treasurer: Mike Thacker

Secretary: Paula Sutherland
Ordinary committee: Alison Brown, Catherine Adam & Leanne Davey.

Minutes of the AGM can be downloaded here.






Download the Notice of Annual General Meeting here [pdf]




Please consider taking on a role in the committee of the club, the club needs volunteers to be able to run!


General committee members will take on a role once elected (e.g. fundraising, recruiting, uniform etc.) to be agreed at the first committee meeting following the election.


CLICK HERE for the nomination form - nominations close at 9am Saturday 22nd Feb - please note nominees and seconders must be full VSIC members.  


If you want to find out more about what being on the committee involves please come and talk to any of the current committee members. 


Meeting Attendance and Proxies


Please try to attend the meeting on Sunday 23rd Feb (9am).  If you're unable to attend please consider using a proxy, details of how to do this are in the notice.  Please note only full members may vote. Members under 15 are considered Associate members and are not eligible to vote. Proxy forms must be received by 9am Saturday 22nd Feb.

* Proxy Form - CLICK HERE


More Information...


All reports to be tabled at the meeting, including proposed 2021 membership fees, will be posted prior to the meeting.

Download the minutes of the 2019 AGM here

Download the minutes of the 8-5-2019 Special General Meeting here.

Download the minutes of the 17-12-2019 Special General Meeting here.

Download the 2019 President's Report here.

Download the Treasurer's Report here.

Download the Profit and Loss statement for the 2019 Calendar year here.

Current membership numbers are available on request. Please email for further information.


Caroline Tudor

VSIC Secretary






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O'Brien Group Arena (This is where we train. Go to the O'Brien website to join us)

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