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Aussie Skate Synchro is an entry level team, where skaters are still learning to skate and enjoy learning the basics of synchro. Teams perform a routine at the end of each term and have the opportunity to skate in local competitions. Aussie Skate Synchro is for skate school levels Tots to Intermediate 2. Once a skater reaches Free Skate levels, they are eligible to join our IJS program. Classes are available at Icehouse and Olympic rinks



This team is for intermediate level skaters In Free Skate levels or working towards their preliminary/elementary tests.  Our aim in this team is to have fun and make new friends while learning the ropes of competitive synchro skating! 


it's hard work, but well worth it as we see the team get used to the increased levels of  commitment required for competitive, elite level sports.


This team competes in the Novice and/or Mixed Age category, locally and nationally (subject to qualifying score). 


This team is currently the highest level for more advanced skaters. It competes within the Junior or Mixed Age category. They compete  locally, nationally and internationally.


Eclipse are focussed on learning new complex skills, perfecting their skating in unison, increasing their fitness and agility to attain the level  required to pursue their ultimate dream of competing at the world championships.

The team sets the benchmark in synchronised ice skating in Victoria and the younger teams aspire to be invited to join. 

If you're an elite skater that is willing to work hard, this is the team for you.




On Edge are our Adult, entry-level team, currently with skaters aged from 20s to 70+, and aim to compete yearly at the National Championships. Adults are a growing component of the Skate School programs and many are looking to progress and enhance their skating experience outside of skate school. Some may have never participated in group sports; others may never have performed in front of  crowd. Synchro provides a friendship and support group that encourages adults to take part in a competitive discipline. On Edge also mentors our young skaters through a 'buddy' system that add value both ways!

Anyone over 19 with intermediate skating ability can join.

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